Keto Nutrition Coaching 

By Jillian Eddy

Are you ready to:

Burn that Last Bit of Stubborn Body Fat?

Love How You Show Up for Life Every day?

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Hi, I’m Jillian.  Living the Keto lifestyle is more than just the next diet fad. It has improved my quality of life and I want to help you receive the same results. I can make Keto easy, effective, and sustainable.

I’m known as a Keto Expert, and an in-depth coach specializing in integrative nutrition. So if you are brand new to Keto and haven’t started or you’ve started and are stuck or stalled…I can help you achieve your goals.

Keto Coaching is one-to-one support specifically designed just for you to achieve your health, fat loss, fitness, and emotional goals. We work together as a team to find what solutions best fit your personal unique needs.

Let me show you how Keto can work for you!

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Meet Jillian

Meet Jillian… Ketogenic Nutrition Coach

Hi, I’m Jillian, a Ketogenic Diet Nutritionist and Coach specializing in functional integrative nutrition. In addition, I specifically have an intensive background helping women regulate their hormones and improve their immune and digestive systems, all crucial elements to vitality and weight loss.

I have run a successful virtual coaching practice where I specialize in working with women 45+ who are struggling and resistant to weight loss. Though this is my key demographic, I have experience working with both men and women from early adulthood to advanced age, and have the knowledge and experience to help clients of diverse backgrounds. My practice focuses on using whole, nutrient-dense, real foods as medicine (with low carb and Keto diets) to heal the body, assist with weight loss and increase vitality.

Jillian’s Personal History

Jillian has had challenges with her weight since early in her life as a teenager.  Like many of us, she has done the diet and exercise roller coaster for many years. There were times it seemed like her weight was manageable but when menopause hit at age 52, in just a few years she put on 25 pounds without changing a thing in her diet or exercise. Not only was she baffled by this, but her doctors were telling her nothing was wrong, and her labs were normal. 

At this point, intuitively she knew something was missing and set out on a journey to find the answer to why she was so resistant to weight loss.  After researching the Keto diet and its many health benefits, she took her health into her own hands and decided to fully embrace the Keto lifestyle.   She educated herself on the chemistry and the processes of a clean Keto diet and it worked.  Her broken metabolism kicked in and she began to lose the stubborn menopausal middle and her hormones balanced out.  She celebrated the weight loss, but the keto diet did so much more and helped her control a long history of emotional eating and insatiable sugar cravings while providing her with more energy than ever before.  Fast forward to today, where she is now free of carb cravings and binge eating, has lost 30 pounds and is at her lowest weight since her early 40s.   Jillian strongly believes in her process and the women she works with and offers this message of hope:

If I can do this, you can do this.  Let me guide you so you don’t feel like you have to go it alone and try to figure it out for yourself. I promise you that yo-yo dieting can be a thing of the past.  You can be happy and healthy and sometimes it just takes a little help from an expert to get you on the right track.”   Jillian Eddy

Keto Coaching Program

Why Work with Jillian…What’s Different?

Jillian is an amazing Keto/low carb coach but you’ll also receive the benefit of her training as a functional nutrition coach. It’s very rare to find this powerful combination.  Research shows that nutrition counseling when combined with diet and exercise, leads to greater long-term success in sustaining weight loss efforts.

There are many “Keto Health Coaches” who can provide motivation, recipe ideas, and meal plans, but they lack the education and experience to create a truly effective program geared towards lifestyle modification which is necessary to be successful long-term. 

Jillian has the power of the science behind Keto and nutrition to find the right diet solutions, teach you all the tools and diet hacks for your body chemistry and inspire you along the way…  you are sure to have a positive experience with the Keto diet and improvement in your overall health.

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Where Do I Work With Jillian?

Jillian’s services are virtual, and she serves clients across the country.  She can break down the Keto diet into easy actionable steps and gives the support and accountability with private coaching sessions online. 

To learn more information about working with Jillian, set up a free consult here.

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Jillian’s weight loss coaching program is for you, if …

  • You have heard of the Keto diet but have no idea how to proceed
  • You have struggled to lose weight and just can’t find a diet that works and is sustainable
  • You have been a yo-yo dieter
  • You have trouble staying motivated
  • You need and want more than an online instruction on the low-carb way of living
  • You have health conditions such as an elevated A1C, an auto-immune condition, chronic digestive issues, brain fog, lethargy, lack of energy, unwelcome signs of aging, arthritis, or any other inflammatory condition which you haven’t been able to overcome on your own.

Why Keto

Why Keto…Why Coaching?

In Jillian’s words:

“I specialize in helping clients 45 and over who are frustrated and discouraged with their inability to lose weight, improve their energy and overall health. If you find you need help breaking old habits and patterns, I can help you…and this is really where my passion lies.

I love helping the beginner because I have been a beginner many times in my life. I personally know just how scary and frustrating it can be to not know what steps to take, or what order to take them, or what to do when the steps don’t seem to be working. Let’s figure out the best approach for you and make Keto easy and effective.

Don’t go it alone. Partner with me and expect high levels of accountability, motivation, expertise and support.  I’ll do whatever it takes so you will have success. 

It really is an incredible feeling to have someone who believes in you…until you genuinely believe in yourself.  There is power in a team. Let’s do this together.”

What Can You Expect from Keto?

You’ll experience:

  • Less Hunger
  • Cravings Eliminated
  • Mental Clarity
  • Consistent Weight Loss
  • Stabilized Blood Sugar
  • Improved Immune System
  • Regulation of Insulin Sensitivity
  • Reduced Inflammation…and much, much more! 

If you are ready to confidently lose weight and keep it off… then keto is for you. 

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This discovery call is our chance to get to know each other. This is not a sales call and it’s not a coaching call. Our time together gives us the opportunity to become clear about what your needs and goals are around your health and weight loss. You will also get a chance to see what it’s like to work with me and how I’d help you get to where you want to go.

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