“Jillian was able to assess my digestive issues with the Nutri-Q program. She had an accurate way of diagnosing this by pressing into reflexes in the digestive area called the Functional Exam. After the diagnosis, she was able put me on a supplement and nutritional program to heal my gut. She’s incredibly knowledgeable, and intuitive in her practice.”

Susie M.

I was excited to see a keto nutrition program offered at Rolling Hills.  It’s something I’ve always wanted to do and the timing was perfect, a great way to start the new year.  Jillian was wonderful, she set us up for success right away, providing us with lots information; the effects of sugar and processed food but also meal suggestions, healthy foods tips & recipes.   We had two check in meetings a week, with Jillian’s guidance and support it helped keep me on track.  I also loved the group camaraderie, sharing experiences and helpful tips.  I was astonished how fast I felt the rewards of eating better.  I had more energy, slept better and the best part lost a few pounds, not by dieting but eating better. 

Tracy T.

 I have always been a relatively healthy eater but as I found out, as women age, our bodies change and much of what we thought we knew about how to lose weight or get lean goes out the window. Jillian brought me up to date on what we need to do to realign our body chemistry. I keep telling myself now: “If I eat sugar (or things that turn to sugar) I will be burning sugar and not fat.” I just keep this simple idea close in my head whenever I have to make eating choices and use it as a guide. The information and tools Jillian provided were very helpful to making it through the month and I felt like I knew what to do next when we were finished. AND I lost a bunch of inches. I am planning that new mini wardrobe refresh in a few months that I have been putting off for years.

Rory B.

David and I want to thank you for coaching us during your excellent nutrition program. We definitely feel more informed about our eating habits, food choices, and what “Symptoms” we could avoid. Bloating was big on my list and pain relief was high on David’s. Reducing inflammation was a huge factor for David because of his injuries from Vietnam and subsequent multiple surgeries. Your handouts, verbal information and valuable tips of what to do/not do and eat/not eat resulted in weight loss and an overall feeling of well being.  We find ourselves eating smaller quantities, healthier foods, and plan to continue this healthy way of eating.

David and Linda W.

Jillian guided me through my keto journey.  Jillian taught me how to keep it simple through the keto lifestyle.  As a mother of three young children, and a full -time public safety career, I have struggled to lose weight, but with Jillian I have been able step up to the challenge while feeling supported.  I started in May of 2020 amid the pandemic shut down and as of September I am down 15lbs and a full size in my jeans.

Sara A.

I have been working with Jillian Eddy for the past 5 months to live a keto lifestyle.  She has taught me everything I need to know about how to incorporate this new way of eating into my life.  At first, it wasn’t easy but step by step and with lots of help and support from Jillian, I have come to love the keto diet.  I feel better, I have less hunger and more energy.  I have lost about 15lbs and really want to lose more but I know I have to heal from the inside and that weight loss will come.

Here is the really good news.  My A1C has gone from 6.2 down to 5.4.  I am no longer pre-diabetic.  My PSA was 5.5 a year ago and is now down to 2.4.  My urologist has decided I no longer need regular check ups with him.  Amazing!  My primary care doctor was extremely happy with my blood work at my annual check up including my cholesterol numbers.   I could not be happier.  

LeRoy J.